Educational Visits Denmark

Education and Life in Denmark

To enrich and supple your mind

To the Danish ‘field’ where children and people learn and share in harmony with own ideas for new challenges

What do you want to know, experience and learn in Denmark?

Education, Happiness and comfortable life in Denmark

From the experience here and the dialogue with the people here, new ideas are born in you

Educational Study Tour

Through visits to educational institutions, you will learn not only the Danish education system, but also the meaning and value of children’s learning in the future.

Happines&Hygge /Nature / Culture

Experience the Hygge and Happiness from their life and moment, and you also listen to ideas that create a overflowing and comfortable atmosphere.

Customized Study Tours

Sustainable development / society / living, environment and eco-policy, work-life balance, food, urban design and design architecture, fusion of nature and people’s lives, tolerance for diversity, and welfare… We will propose a plan according to the topic you are interested in. でサイトを作成